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7 Best Ovulation Predictor Kits Reviews

Ovulation tests are done as a guesswork to find if you are carrying a baby. The ovulation test kits available in the market test the hormone level present in the urine and if the test results positive then the ovulation is more likely to be imminent. These days with the advancement of the technology and trending digitalization, one can even track ovulation period digitally and thereby can know the best time for having intercourse in order to conceive a baby or to avoid being pregnant. This can be of great help to couples to check with the best and the worst fertile period. Here are few products enlisted which are effective to check with the ovulation:

Here are the Best Ovulation Predictor Kits with Reviews

1. Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit:

The advanced form of testing the ovulation period is possible with the Clearblue Ovulation Kit. This involves the digital technology to ensure people get detailed information about the LH secretion. This is the best ovulation predictor kit that ensures 99% accuracy and their results can also be observed within 3 minutes. The flash stick system can depict that the test is under process. It is digitally powered which makes it even easier

This has been proved to be very useful as there are couples who try on the wrong days of the women’s ovulation which makes it difficult to conceive. With the rise in the LH secretion, the two days are perfect to conceive in the complete cycle. If you are making way through the calendar methods, then this one is way accurate to conceive a baby, and as it has an accuracy of almost 99%, so it predicts the best period of the woman’s ovulation for the intercourse to conceive with ease.


  • Identifies 4 days of fertility.
  • Awesome accuracy.
  • Digitally powered.
  • Results within 3 minutes.
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Highly rated


  • Cost-effective.
  • Best family planning method.


  • Can fail at times while avoiding pregnancy.

2. Pregnant 50 Ovulation Lh Strips One Step Test Combo Kit Pack.

One can know the length of the ovulation period, as well as the sensitivity level of the test kits, and thus the detection of the fertility period is accurate to about 99% and is done very early. The tests are quite easy to be done. One has only to immerse the strip into the urine, and this has to be done to a duration of about 3 minutes, and that’s all. After 5 minutes, one can read the results. FDA approves the tests. The test strips are all sealed in a packet individually.

This has enrolled its name in the list of one of the best ovulation predictor kit. Almost many people prefer this kit and it is so because to use it is easy. Other predictor kits are difficult to usage, but this is quite a simple as well as easy one. The results of the test are accurate. This product ensures that people can avail accurate results. Thus, detecting the fertile days is something that can be done with ease.


  • FDA approved tests.
  • Earlier detection of fertile days.
  • FDA approved testing results
  • Accurate results (dependent)
  • Quick 3 min application and results within 5 mins.


  • Accurate results.
  • Earlier results.


  • At times fail to show exact LH surges.

3. Easy@Home 25 Ovulation Predictor Kit Sticks For Test.

This kit is also supported by an application that provides detailed information about the tests, ovulation period as well as the hormonal balance in women. The accuracy of the kit is about 99%, and the reliability of the kit cannot be put to a question. The results can be detected within 3 to 5 minutes.

The algorithms involved in the detection of the pre-mom symptoms using these test kits are way different, and they can help women make the try of conceiving successfully. For these tests, there is no cup required, and thus this becomes an easy process to be done at home. This kit eventually predicts the most fertile day of a women keeping is a consideration of the ovulation period and the secretion of the hormone. This way one can get pregnant naturally. This has been the very choice for couple who are willing to conceive a baby, and this is why it is considered as the best ovulation predictor kits:


  • No cups required.
  • Accompanied by a smartphone app
  • Easy to use at home
  • Accurate results


  • Easy to use.


  • Does not guarantee pregnancy.

4. Smile Reader Ovulation Kit.

With 99% of accuracy, it has been enlisted in the list of one of the best ovulation predictor kit. This can be of great help for the couples who are planning for the further extension of the family. Most of the couples face the problems when they try intercourse for conceiving in the wrong or the infertile days of the ovulation period of a woman. It is supported by digital technology and is quite sensitive.

 This is powered by a calculator application which can be installed both in the iOS and in the Android as well so that you can calculate your days and know the days when you are fertile exactly. This application can be downloaded free.

Moreover, this application is the best thing to be used as the preventive measure to bring the practice of family planning as well as population explosion in control. Couples can also know the least fertile days by using this ovulation predictor kit and thereby they can have intercourse during the least fertile days to prevent conceiving.


  • Powered by digital techniques.
  • Accurate to about 99%.
  • Detailed information supported by the app
  • The available app on both iOS as well as Android


  • Accurate.
  • Results are seen earlier.


  • Expensive.
  • Fail to work at times.

5. OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit iProven FK-127 (50 LH & 20 HCG)

With the most sensitive ovulation tracking test facilities, this has been proved as one of the best ovulation predictor kits. The algorithm used for the tracking of the ovulation is accurate and appropriate. This kit is used to avail the information about the secretion level of the luteinizing hormones so that the fertility period and the ovulation can be predicted. These are the best thing to be used to solve the issues regarding the ovulation.

Most couples fail to achieve the results due to the wrong days of intercourse. Sometimes this very thing comes to the use to improvise the practice of the family planning and avoid pregnancy by having intercourse in the days of the minimum fertility. This method is quick as well as easy to track the ovulation period. These methods are cost-effective as well and are as accurate as for how far the results are concerned.


  • Easy to use.
  • Digitalized assistance.
  • Accurate results
  • Quick and easy to track ovulation
  • Powered by a high-quality algorithm


  • Tracks ovulation in most of the cases.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Can fail in 1% cases.

6.) Koudou 25 Ovulation Test Sticks Ovulation Predictor Kit

People widely accept the product as it is a cost-effective option for people. The product 25 packs of the ovulation sticks. This has proved to be the best ovulation predictor kit as the method used for the prediction of the ovulation is a curate, and this is done very early as it has awesome sensitivity, and thus it can track the minimal change in the hormones in a woman body. The use of this kit also detects the length of the cycle.

These are quite easy for the usage also and can be comfortably used at home. The tip which is meant for the absorption is to be placed in the urine system for about 10 seconds, or at times less than that and then the results are also made available within 10 minutes. This makes the couple aware of the ovulation cycle of the woman thereby they can use it for their betterment.

To conceive, couples try to intercourse in the days when the luteinizing hormone is at the highest. This can also be of great help how far family planning is concerned. As the predictor kit gives the information about the ovulation and the fertility, so as a practice of family planning couples can use the kit to know the least fertile days and try their intercourse in those days.


  • Includes 25 packs.
  • FDA approved results.
  • Good for family planning
  • Results in 10 min’s
  • Information on ovulation and fertility


  • Detects early.
  • Easy to use.


  • Do not work in the cases of the drugged body.

7.) Pregnancy Ovulation Test Kit for TTC Women

This smart test can be considered as one of the best ovulation predictor kits as it gives accurate results. This has got the digital technology involved in it where the result of the tests is not necessarily required to be manually checked rather this is powered by Eveline smart app which analyzes the data and saves the data directly to your smartphones.

Therefore it is the easiest way to know the detailed information of the ovulation period at home. This has proven itself to be 100 % safe for the test and the results can be relied upon merely as the process involved in the test determines the ovulation period and the detailed information about the cycle with accuracy.

Thus the results cannot be any way put to doubts. This method can not only be used to know the highest fertility days for the intercourse, but this can also be beneficial to know the minimum fertility day of women, and thus it can also be used to strengthen the family planning and avoid risks considerably.


  • Safe to use.
  • Digitally powered.
  • Great smartphone application support
  • 100 safe to use


  • Safe for the usage.
  • Earlier detection.


  • Fails in fewer cases.


The above-listed products are accepted by people worldwide as the best ovulation predictor kit, and they are aware of the accuracy of the results. These tests can provide better information about the cycle which helps a lot in family planning. Couples can use it to avoid conceiving and at the same time, these can also be used to conceive with ease. Scheduled intercourse is necessary and for the couple has to make sure they intercourse in the maximum fertile period of the woman.


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