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Chest Pain When Breathing In Deeply That Is Unlikely To Kill You

Most people think that if you experience chest pain when breathing in deeply, you are going to die. However, this is not true. Not all chest pains are going to kill you. Yet some are going to send you to the ICU immediately. So how can you identify the pains that are fatal for you and the ones that are not so fatal? Well, you need to take a look at this article to know where you stand and how your chest pain can be reduced in no time and what to do during the emergencies. Let us first take a look at the types of chest pain when breathing in deeply that is not going to harm you in any way.

If you feel a kind of tight discomfort around the center of your chest or if you feel the pain in your arms as well along with stomach, jaws and back then you might need to call the emergency services it’s a symptom of heart attack. The people will also have cold sweat and shortness of breathing which life is threatening. However, there are various other types of chest pain when breathing in deeply, which we will take a look into now.

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Chest Discomfort That Is Momentary

A lot of times we experience chest pain when breathing in deeply which is momentary, this can be best described as an electrical shock or even like a lightning bolt. Any heart attack symptom will mean that the pain will stay for a long amount of time. It the pain goes away within a flash of a second then it is due to muscle or any kind of skeletal injury or can also be nerve pain. The reason for this can be a crack rib near your chest or a pulled muscle in and around the chest wall or even the shingles that are present around the chest. Let’s check out the other types of chest pains which are not that fatal.

Pinpoint Pain In The Chest

If you try to do a positional change in the breathing, then the pinpoint pain usually worsens. The normal heart pain is of a diffusive type that keeps on radiating; however, this kind of pain stays confined to single pinpoint. Well, you don’t need to be alarmed however you need to check immediately for any kind of lung-related problems. It can be for asthma or due to pneumonia or even because of the inflammation of the membrane that is present in the lungs. This kind of pain should mean you must go to a lung specialist and not a chest doctor as he will be able to address your problem in a better way.


Chest Discomfort That Changes With Exercise

Usually, during a heart attack, the chest pain will worsen if you try to do any kind of exercise or put an extra pressure on your heart top do various pains. However, there is a different kind of chest pain when breathing in deeply that usually gets better with doing exercises. Surprised to read? Yes, it’s true these kinds of pain usually arise due to stomach problems like acid reflux or gas formation. If you try to do movement and exercise then the sharp chest pain almost always goes away, and there is nothing to be scared of if one experiences this kind of pain. However, if the thing does not get better even after exercising for a considerable amount of time, then you need to consult the doctor and take care of your acid-related problems.

The Heart Attack Symptoms Vary A Lot

It is surprising that the symptoms of heart attack usually differ from one person to another. It is just what one experiences during those hard minutes. Some people who have a heart attack have no symptoms at all, they experience no kind of pain, and their heart stops to work all of a sudden. Most people feel a sharp chest pain that keeps on radiating, however, some people also only experience pain in the arms and no pain in the chest at all. The site of discomfort can be any, what people need to find is a proper position that is going to relieve the discomfort that one is experiencing. This is really hard to find as during a heart attack nothing can soothe your pain unless you are treated immediately by a doctor.

The pain of heart attack usually lasts for 5 minutes or half an hour. This is the time when one needs to call the emergency services as any amount of delay can be life-threatening. However, there are also times when you will experience chest pain when breathing in deeply which are not going to kill you in any way. The first and the foremost job are to identify the kind of pain that you are experiencing and associate it with one of the categories mentioned above. If that is done then you can be relieved to know that it is not a heart attack.


The Final Words

Chest pain when breathing in deeply is a widespread phenomenon that is experienced by millions of people all around the world. One needs to be careful that the thing they are experiencing is fatal or not. Most of the times if the pain is just while breathing in then it is some lung problem that is very much treatable and not going to kill you. So pay proper attention to the signs and always make sure you contact a doctor immediately irrespective of the kind of pain that you are experiencing in your chest. This guide will help you to identify the pain and the right course of action. It is highly necessary to keep one’s heart healthy with regular exercising and a healthy diet so that none of the above happens to you or your loved ones.


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