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9 Top Reason Why Women Experience Delayed Periods

Periods or menstruation is a part of a woman’s life. If the periods are relatively normal they come once a month usually around the same date. But there is no hard and fast rule about a normal period. Each period is different and each time the woman does not know exactly when her periods will arrive. Generally, when the periods are delayed, women immediately think that they might be pregnant if they are sexually active. But delayed periods do not necessarily mean that a woman is pregnant. A woman does not get periods when she is pregnant; however, periods can get delayed because of many reasons which have nothing to do with getting pregnant. The following are some of the reasons why women can experience delayed periods that has nothing to do with becoming pregnant:

Delayed Periods, Reason of Delayed period

9 Top Reason Why Women Experience Delayed Periods

Stress – Physical and Mental:

Both physical and mental stress can impact the menstrual cycle. Physical and mental stress both impact the brain in a negative way. Stress often causes changes in the daily routine, which can also cause a change in eating habits and in the weight of a woman. The brain regulates the periods and if there is stress in the brain then this can cause the periods to be either delayed or to be missed during the time of stress. Stress is one of the major reasons for delayed periods in today’s stressful and fast-paced lives for many women.

Extreme Weight Changes:

Women are always conscious about their weight and many times try to either gain or more often lose weight. Crash diets and extreme exercise routines are often adopted by women to lose weight. Also, some women have a tendency to gain and lose weight often which causes a fluctuation in weight. These fluctuations or sudden gain or loss in weight can cause a change in the body cycle and can result in delayed periods.  Extreme exercise can cause changes in hormones in the body. In turn, the changes in these hormones can cause changes in the menstrual cycle and the process of ovulation. Changes in diet also cause delayed or irregular periods especially when women opt to crash diet to lose weight.

Obesity & Eating Disorders:

These are some reasons for delayed periods which are both psychological and physical in nature. Obesity can cause hormonal changes in the body just like low body weight. This means that obesity is one of the reasons why the menstruation cycle can change which can cause a delay or even a missed period. There are many eating disorders that can cause a woman to get delayed periods or for a woman to miss her periods. Anorexia is an eating disorder where women tend to eat very less food. Anorexia is a psychological disorder where people become obsessed with their weight and what food they eat. Generally, in anorexia, women eat very less food. Similarly, another eating disorder is Bulimia Nervosa. In this eating disorder, women tend to binge eat and then vomit regularly after they have eaten. Extreme weight loss in these types of disorders can cause weight to fall severely below the normal range. These disorders can not only cause a delay in the menstruation cycle but it can also stop the menstruation cycle completely and stop a woman from ovulating and getting her periods. Women should take medical help to overcome such disorders.

Medication & Birth Control Pills:

There are many medications that can cause a delay in periods. Medicines are reasons for delayed periods as different medication have different impacts on the body cycle and on the brain. Some of the medicines that can cause a delay in periods include antidepressants, thyroid medication, antipsychotics, chemotherapy medication, and anticonvulsant medications. Generally, if a medication is going to cause problems with the menstrual cycle then doctors warn the women of these side effects before prescribing the medication. Birth Control Pills and other forms of contraceptives are also regarded as reasons for a change in the menstruation cycle and delayed periods. Contraceptive pills commonly known as birth control pills may cause hormonal changes in the body. There can be changes in the periods also caused by birth control pills where the woman can either have very heavy periods or very light periods in comparison to the periods that are considered normal by a woman.

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Drastic Schedule Changes:

Every person on the planet has a body clock. There is usually a relatively fixed time during the day when a person eats food, relaxes, and sleeps. If this is changed the body takes time to adjust. Drastic Changes like sleep schedules can take place in this fast paced world that we live in. People become very busy with work and do not get sleep due to stress and lack of time. Nowadays international travel has become very common especially for business. People tend to travel from one time zone to other, sometimes multiple times a week. This causes a jet lag which can disturb the sleep patterns of an individual. Another aspect of work in the 21st century is working shifts. Women are often seen working night shifts at offices causing a complete disruption of their body clock and sleep patterns. These changes in schedule and erratic patterns of lifestyle can cause delayed periods or can cause women to miss their periods every now and then.

Hormonal Irregularities:

Sometimes some women have hormonal irregularities. These irregularities can cause a very unpredictable menstrual cycle. Delayed periods are common with women who suffer from hormonal irregularities and sometimes these irregularities can cause women to get periods only once in a few months or even in lesser frequency than that. Hormonal irregularities are top reasons for delayed periods and a doctor can access the exact reason for delayed periods caused by these irregularities.

Breast Feeding:

After pregnancy, a woman is usually breastfeeding her baby. During these months it takes a while for the periods to normalize and this can cause a delay in periods or irregularity in periods for a few months after the pregnancy. Eventually, periods stabilize and get back to normal.


Periods are not the same throughout a woman’s life when she is menstruating. When periods begin for a young girl, she may get her periods once at the start and then after a few months. It takes time for a young girl’s periods to normalize and slowly the cycle is set in place and regular monthly periods start. Similarly, during menopause at the end of the menstruation for a woman, periods can be highly irregular and the number of periods a year gradually decreases. Sometimes women experience peri-menopause at a younger age which can cause delayed periods. Age is one of the main reasons for delayed periods for a woman.


Illness like PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders can cause periods to delay. Almost all types of major illnesses cause changes to take place in a woman’s body. This includes tumors, cancers, liver dysfunction, kidney failure, meningitis, pneumonia, heart attack, and many such illnesses which can cause a delay in periods.

A little delay in periods is normal. If delayed periods are a chronic problem for women, it is a good idea to see a doctor and to find out the exact reason for the delayed periods as periods can delay for many reasons besides pregnancy.


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