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6 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Is Love Truly A Fairy Tale?

We live in a world where the negativity outweighs the positivity in all spheres. War, terrorism, famines, the list goes on. Amidst all the obstacles life throws at us, there’s one weapon which is effective against all such negativity. That is love. There’s no greater feeling than having butterflies in your stomach in the presence of your loved ones.

However, is love truly a fairy tale with a happily ever after as depicted in all forms of literature and movies? If not, how can one strive to achieve a comfort zone as depicted in these movies?

The Ways Of Improving Your Relationship

There are several ways of improving your relationship and truly, make it a healthy one. Let’s be clear, love is not as glorious or easy as shown in the movies. They fail to show the hardships involved in a relationship, and it is at times of hardship, where one can realize where the relationship is going and whether it is worth fighting for. One of the greatest disadvantages of the 21st millennials despite their much more progressive and rational thought process is the lack of real feeling for someone. It is not true for all cases; however, it is a general observation. With the advent of social media, we tend to stay connected online while we stay disconnected with the people around us when we remain offline.

Love Bonding

Also, this is the age of hookups. Thus, genuinely bonding with a person seems to be rare nowadays. However, when we indeed find this person, it is indeed a blessing.  A connection can be made instantaneously with a person, and soon, you can find yourself being in love. When we find this connection, we should do our utmost to maintain this connection. We tend to let go after entering into a relationship. We take our partners for granted. It’s as if after a period of wooing and on being successful, you are rewarded with a prized trophy which no one can take away from you. Such mentality should be thrown down the gutter. Remember to love every day like you loved your partner the very first day.

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Don’t Be Possessive Of Your Partner

Allow them to enjoy at their own accord. No one is entitled to each other. One should be free and be allowed to express them the way they wish to. Possessiveness is a trait common among teenage relationships and is one of the most destructive aspects of any relationship. This feeling of possessions prevents one from growing as a person and soon, you might find yourself smothered in a claustrophobic relationship. There’s no point in being possessive, love in its true form wouldn’t allow such negative feelings to arise. Loyalty is a choice; you can’t enforce loyalty. If a person truly loves you, they’ll never abandon you.

Be Always With Your Partner At Any Situation

Empathy, never forget to empathize with your partner. After a tough day at work and when they return home, be a patient ear and listen to everything your partner has to say. Even if you had a wonderful day which you wish to disclose at that very moment, don’t undermine your partner’s emotion by bringing it up at that moment. It would just show that you don’t care about them. Listen to them, and remind them everything is going to be alright and do something together to light them up. The art of listening and the power of empathy are two much-underrated superpowers which don’t get the credit it deserves.

Don’t Give Up

Love is messy. You may find yourself arguing a lot. But don’t give up for this. Remember, that one can only be angry at you if they truly care for you. Be open and communicate with each of each other’s shortcomings. Human beings are flawed and committing mistakes are just humane. Accept them, and don’t let them stand in the way of happiness. Don’t let pride and ego get the better of you and prevent you from accepting your mistakes. We all want to resolve the problems with our partners; however, our egos don’t let it sometimes. We should invoke the child in us. Children are the epitome of innocence who only wishes to love and be loved. Communication is pivotal. Whenever there is some disagreement, don’t hesitate to open up. Often, we temporarily ignore it, and we let this issue accumulate within us in the form of anger which one fine morning is released in the form of a sudden outburst. Such incidences make matters worse and show a lack of proper communication between two people. Adequate communication itself can get rid of most of the problems associated with love.

Don’t Make Love All About Physical Intimacy

The physical aspect is natural and important as humans. But, that shouldn’t be the main aspect of it. The sanctity of the relationship is lost if it’s all about the physicality. Get to know your partner well. Let them bare their souls out. There’s nothing more beautiful than having a heart to heart conversation with your loved one. Get to know their fears, passion and what truly drives them? Ever wondered why your partner loves a particular song or a particular line from a movie or a book? It is the little things that matter, and these are the little details we tend to overlook. In the long run, it is all these details which you’ll remember which will make you smile. Not only that, it is these little things which are an indication that you truly know a person.

Take It Up

Now, love can often go wrong and may not go according to plan. Even here, communication is important. Talk it out. Let your grievances out. Don’t hold back at all. In case of a failed relationship, don’t be afraid to love again just because of one relationship that did not go well. Whatever happens, happens for the best. Perhaps, you were just being prepared for someone better for you. Relationships are not anyone’s cup of tea, and it takes time for someone to understand the nuances of a relationship truly.

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