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Genital Herpes – Signs of Genital Herpes in Female

If you are a woman, it is more critical for you to be doubly assured and extra careful regarding your health. Your health is a treasure as it ensures you to procreate and perform all other activities that require your strength and stamina, which means to keep yourself healthy and secure must be your priority. If you are not sure about all the diseases that you may get affected by chance and you need to know about it, then you must have heard about herpes that generally occurs in women in the genital zone. To understand the genital signs of herpes in female, you must take a careful reading throughout this article.

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Important Signs of Genital Herpes in Women

The Vaginal Area Gets Filled With Blisters

When a woman is infected by genital herpes, she can find blisters that tend to break open producing painful, raw sores, which scabs or heals over time. Most of the time the sores and blisters are accompanied by fever and lymph nodes get swollen.

A Headache

Since genital herpes is a transmitted disease which happens to enter into the body due to intimate intercourse between a man and a woman. If either of the partners is carrying the virus and has gone through sexual intercourse with the other partner, then there is a greater chance of the other partner to get affected by the same condition. Women tend to feel a headache right after intercourse with her partner if genital herpes has attacked her.

Tiredness And Body Aches

After sexual intimacy, a woman is supposed to feel fresh and good. But if this happens, the opposite and she feels painful, tired and filled with body aches then there is a greater chance of getting affected by genital herpes from your partner.

Vaginal Itching and Discharge

If a woman gets raw or cracked red areas all over her genitals after getting intimate with her partner sexually and she faces problem in vaginal discharge and gets the irritation of itching around the vaginal area which means she has higher chances of getting caught by the disease of genital herpes from her partner.

Painful Urination

This is the most basic symptom being found in women who are affected by genital herpes after intimate intercourse with her partner. Either a woman will feel extremely painful to urinate, or she might feel irritation or a burning feeling during urination. Both are not normal, and if these occur especially right after your sexual intimacy with your partner, then there can be a risk of you getting affected by genital herpes.

Eye Infection

Genital herpes in a woman is such a harmful disease that it causes infecting the eyes of a woman once she gets severely affected by the disease. Eyes are getting red, swollen, or paining after getting intimate physically with your partner then you have to trust the chances of getting affected by genital herpes which should not be avoided and is extremely dangerous if you don’t go for a checkup and get rid of this disease.

The Surety That You Got Affected By Genital Herpes

After following the genital signs of herpes in female there are still 50 % chances that you may not get the disease, and it must be something else. To be sure 100% sure that you are genuinely affected by genital herpes you need to go through two tests. The first one is HSV-1 and the second one is HSV-2 as genital herpes are asymptomatic.

Skin Diseases

If you are a woman and you are suffering from skin diseases like meningitis or eczema herpetiform after getting physically intimidated with your partner then believe that there are possible chances that you may have got hold of the illness of genital herpes from your partner, and you need immediate checkups as soon as possible for getting rid of this serious problem through check up and medication under doctor’s advice.

Learn How to Treat Genital Herpes In Female

  1. The introduction to anti-viral medicines is very important, and this has made more comfortable to treat genital herpes in female.
  2. If you are careful and stick to physical intimacy with one person, then chances of getting such disease will be less.
  3. Use protection of high quality and brands to stay on the safe side and get rid of the chances of getting affected by genital herpes.
  4. You should avoid skin-to-skin sexual intercourse with your partner.

Stay Alert

Don’t get too close to a partner whom you don’t know very well. Keep controls of your sensitive sexual impulse, and before getting into the trouble of getting affected by transmittable diseases like genital herpes, you must be doubly assured of your healthy physical intimating life with a safe and healthy partner.

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