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Wellnesscure4u attracts several readers every day. This blog has become a one-stop solution for everyone’s health and lifestyle needs. We love to inform our readers about the different health care products that hit the market, tell them about how to make better lifestyle choices as well as how to improve their health, or take better care or it. If you have a keen interest in any of these topics and feel like you have some knowledge to share, and then why not write for us. If you think that you have to offer a brand new perspective to the blog with your thoughtful, engaging and exciting writing, then we would love to have you guest post for us!

Wondering How You Can Go About It?

Before you start writing your blog post, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • We are looking for a guest who is willing to write healthcare product reviews, or posts on health and lifestyles to ensure that our readers get what they subscribed for!
  • Wellness4u attracts its readers by posting articles that are not only thoughtful and engaging but are quite informative as well; we want our readers to feel that they have learned something new and valuable from our posts.
  • We only post original work on our website, any article that has been published before or a topic which has already been covered by s does not add to our mission of keeping our readers informed and hence are not posted.
  • We love to offer our readers a welcomed break in between long paragraphs and therefore encourage adding as many pictures as possible! Not only do these keep the audience engaged but pictures can be quite informative as well, especially in the case of a product review
  • Make sure that you post accurate and correct information and statistics, we do not want to lead our audience astray, and hence you have to make sure that you have done your research well!
  • We do not publish promotional content; therefore, avoid articles which are centered on promoting a product or a service.

Seven Most Essential Pointers that we look for in every write up are:

  • High quality writes ups and original concepts.
  • Do not bother sending us anything that has been published elsewhere.
  • The writing style needs to be more casual and less formal.
  • The word limit of the post needs to be at least 1000 words.
  • Add pictures wherever necessary for a graphic impact.
  • Only two of your website/blog links are permitted to be added along with the content.
  • The links to be added should be given the ‘One DoFollow’ links.

How to Submit your Post: 

  • First Send your Topic or Title to We will get back to you if your topic is interesting and relevant.
  • Once we Accept your blog topic and Title then send it in Microsoft Word Document.
  • Pictures with proper attribution in both word file and also separately in a folder.
  • A short and crisp author bio.