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It is important to note we are not health professionals and all advice and guidance is offered on a general basis. Where necessary it is always advised to see your local Doctor should you require further expert Guidance.

We strive to offer general advice and information on and around the product we offer. It is still highly recommended to seek professional medical guidance should any symptoms persist or if you feel you need further help. This website is not a substitute for that.

Yes, we will never offer products which are dangerous or feel only a medical professional can offer or prescribe.

Contact your primary care physician or healthcare provider. They will be able to make a referral to a mental health professional should you need it.
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Alternatively, a simple google Search can help with finding someone to help you in your local area.

Although our products are not high-level medical items. We offer solutions for mental and physical ailments and remedies when more basic or minor issues arise.

Often they are starting points and can help, and may be the first thing you may want to try. But if the physical or mental issues worsen it is then advised to seek medical professional guidance.

We do our utmost to keep any product we feature on this website at a high level.

We try and give as much detail in all well-being items via product reviews, information and tips on our posts.

No, we cannot guarantee all the items we provide will solve your condition or assist you in the way we hope it does.

Many factors including how people react differently and also varied levels of ailment are impossible to advise upon via this platform.

We offer basic advice and guidance with remedies and fixes, which we hope will help, if not cure any potential issues.

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