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Herpes : Get All You Queries Cleared Symptoms And Signs Of Herpes

Herpes is a disease which makes it difficult for some people to make out that they are developing the symptoms while some people don’t even realize the symptoms and signs of herpes at all. According to some calculated estimation, herpes is a disease which is found in one person in every five people in the United States. This is a genital disease and 90% of people suffering from this disease are unaware of the disorder. This is so because the symptoms are mild and thus, at times people fail to recognize.

Basically, the disease caused by a virus that causes blisters on the skin that pains a lot. This is a surprising fact that there are many people who have herpes in their body but they never get the symptoms and this is why they are merely unaware of the disease. At times this is mistaken as another dermatological disease. Some people can possibly take days, years or months to bring the disorder to notice.

There are people who notice their first outbreak in a few days while on the other hand there are people who fail to notice the first outbreak of the disease as that is mild. The first episode of the outbreak occurs within a week or two after the disease gets transmitted to the body. There are numerous painful symptoms of herpes.

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The First Episode Of Herpes:

If you are developing herpes then there are several symptoms that you may observe. These symptoms can even be uncomfortable and pain a lot. At times the symptoms are scarcely noticeable. It would just appear like a mosquito bite or some rash. Some of the deadly symptoms and signs of herpes are vesicles, ulcers, sores etc. These are also referred to as lesions. They can take full two to three weeks to merely heel the issue.

The first episodes occur after a week or two of the transmission of the virus into the body. In terms of the appearance, the lesions of herpes resemble those of the small pimples but they pain a lot. These take two to four weeks to heal completely after they appear. Some may even experience the second phase of the lesions. Symptoms vary from person to person depending on body time, immunity and other health conditions.

At times people even suffer from the symptom of the flu-like developing fever, swelling of the glands, headache, and pain while urinating. First episodes cause illness in the body and the body starts to feel weak and all of these suddenly increases with the arrival of the second crop of these small blisters on the body. Therefore for different body type depending on the health condition, symptoms vary from person to person.

At times symptoms are even so mild that they are difficult to observe. They are mostly mistaken as insect bites, yeast infection, itching, abrasions etc. The signs can be noticed on the private parts of the male and the female body like penis, vulva, anus, inner thighs, buttocks etc. If it is the first episode of the patient then it can be treated with the anti-viral drugs and can speed the healing of the lesions. If you want to pace the process of healing from your side then you must discuss other things such as food and other things with the doctor.

Recurrent Herpes:

  • If you have already been through the first episode then it is clear that you know well about the disease the symptoms. The first episode is a very painful period of the disease. If you are about to have the recurrent episode then it would be quite easier for you to detect. If you are worried about the recurrent episode then you must know that the recurring episodes are less painful than those of the first episode. It also heals very quickly than that of the first episode.
  • The symptoms and signs of herpes are quite mild and at times not noticeable at all. They heal within 12 days of the appearance at maximum but some people also observe it healing within 2 days and this way the days in which the lesions of the recurrent episode heal vary from person to person depending on the body type. If in your case the first episode is not so mild then you will not acquire the recurrent episode symptoms in a severe way.
  • While some people get blisters again above the lesions which are on the way to get healed completely. But the healing of the lesions of the recurrent episodes takes about half the time of that of the first episode. The most unruly aspects of the disease are that these can be reactivated all over again without any appearance of the symptoms and signs of herpes such as fever, flu, lesions etc.
  • This disease can also make the genital or the private part of the male and the female body prone to infection. This is also the symptoms and signs of herpes. Mostly it is noticeable in the penis, vulva, and anus. It is more likely to make the patient feel like a small fissure on the anus. So you must be aware of this thing as you can make out the disease in the body in the earliest period when it can be curbed with easy treatment methods.
  • But as it is mentioned above that not all the time one can experience the lesions on the body. But there are several other symptoms and signs of herpes also that appear on the body while the outbreak of the virus and this can be a little difficult to be noticed.
  • Prodrome is a symptom which is seen when there is an outbreak of the virus in the body. During this people experience an unnatural pain or itching in the genital area. This is a sort of warning bell which can possibly make you aware about the reactivation of the virus on the body.

Why Is It So That The Symptom Appears In An Irregular Way?

Well, this is an obvious question that might be popping up on your mind but there is scientific justification to this. The virus mostly lies in the body in a dormant way ad they are present in the nerve bundle at the base of the spine. When the virus gets reactivated they make their way to the surface of the skin through nerves and this can cause an outbreak on the surface of the skin which causes lesions. The nerves of the anus, penis, and vulva are all connected Thus the outbreaks are mostly seen in these parts. Herpes never outbreaks on the surface of the oral cavity and thus, a mouth is safe from the lesions.

What Can The Lesions Be Mistaken For?

People are mostly unaware of the disease and thus, lesions are mostly mistaken by the people. They can be mistaken to be a mere red spot, a pimple, a hair which is not fully grown, razor burns, insect bites etc.

How Many Breakouts Can Be Observed?

The number of breakouts that can be observed can certainly vary from person to person depending on various health conditions. In the case of the genital HSV-2, outbreaks can more readily occur about four to five times a year but if it is the case of the HSV-1 then the chances of occurrence of the outbreaks are even less once a year.

With the initial stages of the disease there might be some difficulty to track the disease and get to know the symptoms and signs of herpes but with the passage of time person tends to learn all about the disease. The reactivation of the herpes virus can even be boosted with prolonged exposure of the body under the direct sun which emits the ultraviolet rays. This triggers the outbreak and this leads to the various severe issue like a rebirth of the lesions. Poor diet, weak immunity, lack of the required nutrients, inadequate rest can also lead to reactivation of the virus.

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