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Tattoo Removal Did Easy With Creams

Tattoo marks are nothing designs made on the skin through multiple tiny puncture wounds along needles, or electric vibrators dipped in the coloring matter. The dye content varies depending on the color of the tattoo.

Tattoos are not only of cosmetic value but present medicolegal importance. They help in the identification of an individual, determination of religion and nationality of the individual depending on the type of tattoo, personal interests of the individual and so on.

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There Are Several Types Of Tattoos

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are 5 types of tattoos which include:

  • Traumatic Tattoos- These are formed due to close range firearm injuries or due to deposition of carbon particles on the skim in case of coal miners
  • Amateur Tattoos- Tattoos which are designed at home using India ink.
  • Professional tattoos- it is done by a professional tattoo artist at a salon or tattoo parlor and applied beneath the skin
  • Cosmetic Tattoos- Corneal tattooing in case of perforation injury
  • Medical Tattoos- Medical alert tattoos like insulin dependent diabetes Mellitus or drug allergy.

Methods Of Tattoo Removal

The ink of the tattoos is injected deep into the skin usually making it virtually impossible to remove it without specialized procedures. They involve surgical methods and other noninvasive methods.

 Removal methods include-

  • Dermabrasion using dermabraders like tannic acid
  • Complete excision of skin or skin grafting
  • Using a red hot iron to remove the layer of the skin containing the ink of the tattoo
  • Scarification
  • Using carbon dioxide snow
  • Laser surgery
  • Intensely pulsed light therapy
  • Tattoo removal cream

Noninvasive methods include the use of tattoo removal cream which is gradually becoming popular. A cream can save you from another painful experience of getting your tattoos removed after the already painful experience of getting it done in the first place.

Some Popular Tattoo Removal Creams

1. Profade Tattoo Removal Cream

Profade is a tattoo removal cream which uses natural ingredients to aid you in removing a tattoo. It is a low-cost method of tattoo removal. This tattoo removal cream can help in removing tattoos in only 3 steps using three different types of treatment creams.

It a mild, gentle yet an effective cream in removing the most stubborn tattoo. It saves you from undergoing invasive surgeries or laser removal which may be immediate but a painful procedure. This tattoo removal cream will cause no pain, and since it is made of natural ingredients, it barely has any side effects.

It is 100% natural. This tattoo removal cream decolorizes the tattoo within a time frame of three to nine months. However, the effectiveness of the tattoo removal cream depends on the depth of the skin to which the ink has penetrated.

The natural ingredients consist of apricot, lavender, aloe vera, rosemary extract, orange peel extract, honey extract and so on.

2. Inked Up

This tattoo removal cream progressively helps in fading your tattoo. This tattoo removal cream gets absorbed easily when applied topically on the site of the tattoo without clogging up any pores which in turn would give rise to other complications.

It consists of safe and natural ingredients making the cream safe to be applied on your skin without causing any irritation.

The ingredients of this tattoo removal cream help it to permeate through the skin dermis and remove the dye easily. It consists of pile worth extract, comfrey extract, and horsetail extract.

3. Tat B

This tattoo removal cream equipped with all its ingredients reaches deep down to the skin and attacks the tattoo ink. It essentially helps an individual in avoiding more expensive and painful procedures.

With this tattoo removal cream, one can easily remove their tattoos in the privacy of their home without experiencing any inconvenience.

This tattoo removal cream can help in removing tattoos in three easy steps which include preparation of the tattoo for treatment so that the skin can accept the remaining steps which include a breakdown of the tattoo ink followed by gradual fading of the ink.


4. Wrecking Balm

This tattoo removal cream employs the principle of dermabrasion more specifically microdermabrasion. This tattoo removal cream comes with microdermabrasion applicator, erosion head, suffusion gel, hydravescent cream, and branding butter concealer.

This tattoo removal cream is equipped to the teeth to remove the deepest of tattoos and also, painlessly providing quick results. This tattoo removal cream promotes cell turnover to facilitate natural skin repair and regeneration that would, in turn, accelerate the fading process.

This tattoo removal cream not only helps in removing the tattoo ink but also soothes, rejuvenates and moisturizes your skin. Moreover, along with this tattoo removal cream comes a concealer, one can also cover up tattoos for some occasion which can act as a temporary solution making an ideal tattoo removal cream.


5. Spartan Perform

This tattoo removal cream employs the use of Neem oil for which it has a strong neem tree scent. With this natural ingredient, there’s no pain or harmful side effect with the application of this tattoo removal cream.

Moreover, it leaves behind no scars or scabs which are a major drawback for most surgical procedures or other tattoo removal cream.  Also, it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause any pain. The tattoo removal cream permeates through the epidermis into its lower layers and gets seared into the tattoo ink.

It is a simple, noninvasive, and affordable way of removing unwanted tattoos. A tattoo removal cream usually takes a few months for any visible result, and it depends on the nature of the skin and the depth of the tattoo. Moreover, this method of tattoo removal can enjoy the benefits of privacy at home.



There are several ways of getting your tattoos removed. The most effective ways are invasive methods which are painful and leaves behind scars and scabs along with other side effects. Tattoo removal cream is gradually becoming more popular.

These tattoo removal cream are made of natural ingredients making it devoid of any side effects. Also, tattoo removal cream enables you to enjoy your privacy and remove tattoos at home. With so many choices of tattoo removal cream, it is pivotal you choose the right tattoo removal cream.

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